Who Is A Global Citizen?


The opportunity: more people from distant places are starting to show up on our doorstep and express an interest in joining our community as Global Citizens.

The challenge: Help! As more and more people find us and want to get involved, how are we going to decide whom to designate as a Global Citizen?


I offer the following draft document as a starting point.  Global Citizens, Working Founders and Guiding Founders please offer your comments & suggestions. Thank you!

Global Citizen Application – 1st Draft


Supporting each other in accelerating humanity’s course change
 toward a healthy, just, peaceful, sustainable world.


  1. We are leading positive change in our own communities and/or with our favorite causes — change that also contributes to our shared vision of a healthy, just, peaceful, sustainable world — one world for all of us.
  2. Regardless of our differences, our actions are guided by a common set of values. (See oneworldlights.net/values.html)
  3. We each set aside a little time on a regular basis to support other Global Citizens in our community. We do this by either (1) participating in Wisdom Circles in our local communities; or (2) globally over the Internet by making ourselves available to interact with other Global Citizens through blogs, social media, Skype calls, email, etc. — or both.
  4. We regard everyone in our global community – regardless of country, background, affiliation, views, etc. – as a potential teacher that we can learn from. Where opinions differ, we withhold judgement and seek to understand.
  5. We each share responsibility for maintaining One World Lights as a safe, healthy, productive commons for all of us.

New Global Citizen Questionnaire

Your name, address, email address:

  1. Your profession(s)/job(s) – paid or unpaid. Please feel free to explain and help us understand what you do.
  2. What are you doing to lead positive change in your own community and/or cause?
  3. Why do you want to affiliate as a Global Citizen with One World Lights? What are the greatest gifts you bring to our shared purpose of supporting your fellow Global Citizens? What do you most hope to receive?
  4. To what extent do you see your life and your actions as congruent with our shared values, and where are the  greatest differences? Please feel free to explain and share your personal views.
  5. How much time do you estimate you’ll commit each month to communicate with & support your fellow Global Citizens? Would your preference be to do this through a local Wisdom Circle, or via our web site or elsewhere on the Internet, or both? If on the Internet, how?
  6. What are the possible situations where you think our 4th Requirement could pose the biggest challenges for you. Why? If these challenges come up, how will you deal with them?

Optional: is there anything else you’d like us to tell us about yourself?